High - Deluxe 2CD

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High - Deluxe 2CD
High - Deluxe 2CD
  • Release Date: 5th June 2020
  • Format:  2 x Deluxe CD Set
  • Label:  Confetti Records

To complete the reissue programme of the band's catalogue of master album recordings, during the past three months, The Blue Nile have been working alongside long term producer/engineer partner Calum Malcolm to remaster the nine-track album High in addition to mastering four new songs plus two extended album track remixes.

The album has been produced as a 2 x Deluxe CD set, featuring nine remastered tracks plus a bonus disc consisting of four previously unreleased songs plus two extended remixes, which is over 32 minutes of new music.

The band's fanbase has been waiting patiently for the reissue of the High album to complete the set of the four remastered catalogue titles, therefore, the band has worked diligently in the belief of delivering an album the fans will truly enjoy.


Disc One.

  1. the days of our lives
  2. broken loves
  3. because of toledo
  4. she saw the world
  5. high
  6. soul boy
  7. everybody else
  8. stay close

Disc Two.

  1. wasted
  2. the days of our lives (remix)
  3. she saw the world (remix)
  4. i
  5. big town
  6. here come the bluebirds